Job Actress and dancer
Years active 1915-1955
Known for Upper-class or eccentric roles; precise diction, sharply witty repartee
Top Roles Lady Dalroy, English Girl Dancing with Richard, Rose Waterford, Maggie Martin, Lady
Top GenresDrama, Romance, Comedy, Film Adaptation, Thriller/Suspense, War
Top TopicsBook-Based, World War II, Based on Play
Top Collaborators (Director), , ,
Shares birthday with Alan Ladd, Kitty Carlisle, Mantan Moreland  see more..

Heather Thatcher Overview:

Character actress, Heather Thatcher, was born Heather Mary Thatcher on Sep 3, 1896 in London, England. Thatcher died at the age of 90 on Feb 15, 1987 in Hillingdon, England .


Heather Thatcher was a sparkling British musical comedy star of the theater who had a sporadic career in home grown features. She went to Hollywood in the 1930s and came into demand for eccentric characterizations that were lent strength and animation by her off-centre features and stylish delivery. She returned to Britain in the late 1940s to round out her career with a few sharply witty character roles. 

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Illustrated Dictionary of Film Character Actors).



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Heather Thatcher Quotes:

Lady Joan Culver: Just my luck! I've been out for ten years, and I've never been so much as hinted at!

Lady Joan Culver: Isn't the prince amusing?
Max Clement: I think he's revolting.
Lady Joan Culver: Oh no he's not. Just a bit obvious. Knows what he wants and gets it. He's got a terrific reputation as a lover.
Max Clement: How do people get reputations as lovers? Women tell their friends?
Lady Joan Culver: No, not exactly. But it gets about. If you see a lot of women looking particularly radiant - somebody's been around.

[after she reads the letter Beau had written to explain what happened to the jewel - he has signed the letter with his name - she reads... ]
Lady Patricia Brandon: "Beau Geste"
Lady Patricia Brandon: [to John] Beau Geste... gallant gesture. We didn't name him wrong, did we?

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