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Character actor, Hank Patterson, was born Elmer Calvin Patterson on Oct 9, 1888 in Springville, AL. Patterson died at the age of 86 on Aug 23, 1975 in Woodland Hills, CA .



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Henry: [tosses bottle after seeing the Colossal Man] Not another drop! Not another drop as long as I live!

[Instead of stealing the stagecoach's strongbox as they planned, Sunset and Jeff defeat a rival gang's robbery attempt - an act witnessed by the sheriff's daughter]
Sunset Carson: Oh, Jeff, I almost forgot to tell you - her father is the sheriff.
Jeff Winters: You don't say? Now that makes everything just dandy.
Sally Stoner: Oh, you must know him. He's quite famous!
Sunset Carson: Oh, he must be one we missed.
Sally Stoner: You'll like him.
Sunset Carson, Jeff Winters: I'm sure we will!
Jeff Winters: Oh, we just dote on sheriffs.

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Hank Patterson Facts
He had featured roles in both of the 1950's science fiction movies that involved giant spiders: "Tarantula" (1955) at Universal and "Earth vs. The Spider" (1958) (aka "The Spider") for producer Bert I Gordon.

He was a World War One veteran, in the United States Army, as a Calvary man. Like most cavalrymen, he had difficulty hearing the rest of his life, and was legally deaf by the time he started doing "Petticoat Junction". This caused difficulties on the set, so a special teacher, that taught deaf and blind children, was brought in to help him cue his lines.

Great-uncle of Téa Leoni

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