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Actor, Gregory Ratoff, was born on Apr 20, 1897 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Ratoff appeared in over 45 film and TV roles. His best known films include I'm No Angel, Exodus and most famously as producer Max Fabian who feuds with Margo Channing (Bette Davis) in All About Eve. As director, Ratoff's films include Rose of Washington Square (Alice Faye, Tyrone Power), Day-Time Wife (Tyrone Power, Linda Darnell), Lancer Spy (George Sanders, Delores Del Rio), The Corsican Brothers (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) and Footlight Serenade (John Payne, Betty Grable, Victor Mature). Ratoff died at the age of 63 on Dec 14, 1960 in Solothurn, Switzerland and was laid to rest in Mount Hebron Cemetery in Flushing, NY.


Heavy-set, scruffy-looking Gregory Ratoff had a delightfully thick Slavic accent. He was always welcome as arm-waving impresarios and the like, having come to America in the late 1920s; but, from the late 1930s, he began to concentrate on direction and became, for a while, one of 20th Century-Fox's leading directors. His returns to acting were infrequent after that.

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He was honored with one star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the category of Motion Pictures.

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Gregory Ratoff Quotes:

Julius Saxe: Carey I like you. You're a fine director Carey.
Maximillan 'Max' Carey: Alright, what have I done now?
Julius Saxe: Now see I'll tell you. Carey you are slipping. All the time with the "but". All the time you are drunk. No longer do you care whether the scenes are good. No longer do you care whether the scene is being wasted. All the time retakes. All the time over schedule.
Maximillan 'Max' Carey: Alright. Now let's see, who do we get to replace me?
Julius Saxe: Now listen. I'm saying that to you for your own good. You're even losing your memory with this drinking business. You're getting crazy. It's no good. You've got to stop it. Look here, five years ago you were ten years ahead of it and now you're not quite even with it. And what's the answer? Whiskey!
Maximillan 'Max' Carey: You're right. What the picture business needs is white wines and beers!
Julius Saxe: Ahhhhhh!

Lady Brett Ashley: Is Zizi on your payroll, Count?
Count Mippipopolous: Not officially. I just allow him to steal from me from time to time.

Taxi Driver: You know, for what I learned on that trip, my psychiatrist will charge me at least twenty-five bucks.

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Fought in the Russian army during World War I.

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