George Montgomery Overview:

Legendary actor, George Montgomery, was born George Montgomery Letz on Aug 27, 1916 in Brady, MT. Montgomery died at the age of 84 on Dec 12, 2000 in Rancho Mirage, CA .


Few Hollywood heroes were more virile than husky six-footer George Montgomery, who rode the upper-bracket western range (beginning as a stunt man) for more than 20 years, before becoming a star-writer-director of some very presentable action yarns filmed mostly in the Philippines. Married to Dinah Shore 1943-1960: never remarried. Once a champion heavyweight boxer.

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He was honored with one star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the category of Television. Montgomery was never nominated for an Academy Award.

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George Montgomery Quotes:

Bob Andrews: Listen, Steve, I've been wanting to talk to you about the crew.
Steve Patrick: Well, what about 'em.
Bob Andrews: Why didn't you tell me they're all a bunch of gunslingers and outlaws.
Steve Patrick: I didn't think it made any difference to you. It doesn't to me as long as they do their job. How did you find out anyway?
Bob Andrews: They didn't make any secret of it. I heard them talking about it.
Steve Patrick: Oh?
Bob Andrews: Listen, I don't trust them. Suppose you got into some kind of trouble... Indians or rustlers?
Steve Patrick: If anything like that happened here, there is nobody I'd rather have on my side than Lynch and his men. Sure, they are gunmen, but that's the kind of men you need in emergencies.
Bob Andrews: If they stick by you.
Steve Patrick: They'll stick. They're good men. Now just forget the fact that they might once have been outlaws. They're all right.

Larry: There ain't nothin' in the wagon but a dead man.
[leaping up from a half-dug grave]
Dan Tomlinson aka Will Sabre: That's right - dead one's in the wagon and the live one's here in the grave.

Steve Patrick: There are two things that just aren't allowed on cattle drives: women and whiskey.

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George Montgomery Facts
The youngest of 15 children born to Ukrainian immigrants, he was raised on a Montana homestead.

Received many awards during his lifetime, including the Ralph Morgan Award from the Screen Actor's Guild and The Hollywood Westerner's Hall of Fame, Ronald Reagan Award.

His longtime companion of over twenty years was Ann Lindberg.

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