George Macready Overview:

Character actor, George Macready, was born George Peabody Macready Jr. on Aug 29, 1899 in Providence, RI. Macready died at the age of 73 on Jul 2, 1973 in Los Angeles, CA .


George Macready was noted as one of America's most distinctive villains -- a blond, blue-eyed death's head of a man with an aristocratic sneer on the upper lip. Macready created a whole range of polished, distinguished nasties and scoundrels, nearly all with a civilized veneer (1946, Gilda, 1964, Dead Ringer). He died from emphysema just after retirement.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Illustrated Dictionary of Film Character Actors).



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George Macready Quotes:

Leo Hermann: Welcome home.
Bruno Sauer: Thank you for speaking of your plans in front of me. It's a good feeling.

Harry Wharton: The truth is, I haven't slept since Mr. Wharton was convicted. I spend my nights exploring the jungles of this great city. I find it fascinating, the battle of good versus evil. I could take you places, show you things that would surprise even a man of your wide acquaintance.

Alice Hill: It was Joe who dug up all the evidence that saved Harry Wharton.
Harry Wharton: Yes, I know. I've been reading Mr. Keats' recent articles with considerable interest. In fact, I've been wondering why the police haven't arranged some sort of protection for him.
Joe Keats: What for?
Harry Wharton: It merely occurred to me the mysterious killer might decide to hold you responsible for making his task more difficult.
Joe Keats: Oh, that's where you're wrong. The man's obviously a maniac with one fixed idea. He wants to do away with the jury because they mistakenly convicted the wrong man. He's bound to know that it was I who saved Harry Wharton from the gallows.
Harry Wharton: Yes. So he could hang himself in an insane asylum a little later.

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George Macready Facts
The scar on Macready's right cheek was the result of a car accident during his college days. According to his son Michael Macready, George and some fraternity brothers were riding in a Model T Ford when they hit an icy patch on the road. They struck a telephone pole, and George went through the windshield. His friends could find only one doctor in the vicinity, who happened to be a veterinarian. George did get his cheek stitched, but he also ended up with scarlet fever, apparently because the veterinarian didn't wash up properly.

George had a housekeeper who embroidered the titles of all of George's movies on to an afghan.

Macready won a varsity letter in football at Brown University in 1920 -- but as the manager, not as a player.

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