Fritz Feld Overview:

Character actor, Fritz Feld, was born Fritz Feilchenfeld on Oct 15, 1900 in Berlin, Germany. Feld died at the age of 93 on Nov 18, 1993 in Los Angeles, CA and was laid to rest in Mount Sinai Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles, CA.


Tall, usually mustachioed, lisping German-born comic actor, in America from 1922 (with the director Max Reinhardt), and soon in sound films as the archetypal, fussy, sardonic head waiter. His leaning stance, foreign accent, and the champagne-cork noise he made with his cheek soon made him an unmistakable part of the Hollywood scene. He was busy with stage work and promoting his writing career through most of the 1930s, but from 1937 settled in to provide dozens of amusing cameos for the cinema. Married to equally successful character player Virginia Christine from 1940. A co-founder of the Hollywood Playhouse.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Film Character Actors: an Illustrated Directory).



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Fritz Feld Quotes:

Susan Vance: What would you say about a man who follows a girl around...
Dr. Fritz Lehman: Follows her around...
Susan Vance: ...And then when she talks to him, he fights with her?
Dr. Fritz Lehman: Fights with her... is this young man your fiance?

Amiot: [Upon hearing about a thief in the opera house] Call the police at once! This must be stopped!
Vereheres: Monsieur, I'm afraid the police can't stop that. It's he.
Amiot: Who?
[VEREHERES begins to make gestures at his nose and chin]
Amiot: Oh, please. Don't start that nonsense again, Vercheres. At your age, you ought to know that there aren't any ghosts.
Vereheres: Monsieur, you are skeptical, but I don't like ghosts. I'm a busy man.
Lecours: What's that?
Amiot: Oh, our brilliant stage manager insists there's a malicious ghost prowling about the Opera. If anything goes wrong, he thinks this ghost did it!
Vereheres: Oh, monsieur...
[to LECOURS, again making gestures to his nose and chin]
Vereheres: He has a long nose, and a big red beard!
Lecours: You make me nervous!

Fritz: Fifteen years I'm married to her and only one boy! Such luck nobody should have! I'm sorry. I,-I,-I,-I don't know what to do! I get so upset I don't know what language I'm talking!

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Fritz Feld Facts
1923 and 1925 passenger records to New York show him as single, but a 1926 passenger record and the 1930 census both list him as divorced.

With Joseph Schildkraut, co-founder of the Hollywood Playhouse theatre.

Buried at Mount Sinai Memorial Park, Los Angeles, California - Moses Section 16, Lot 6520, Space 2

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