Frank Reicher Overview:

Actor, Frank Reicher, was born Franz Reichert on Dec 2, 1875 in Munich, Germany. Reicher died at the age of 89 on Jan 19, 1965 in Playa del Rey, CA .


Frank Reicher was a German-born actor whose small chin, high forehead, pointed nose and crow's-feet eyes gave the impression that he was forever leaning intently forward. He had begun his career as a director of silent-films, but in sound films concentrated on acting mostly as professors, doctors, surgeons and small-town officials, (1942, To Be or Not To Be; 1944, The Canterville Ghost; 1949, Samson and Delilah). Usually in kind or gentle parts, occasionally victims or suspicious figures of authority, he was intensely busy throughout the latter stages of his career.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Illustrated Dictionary of Film Character Actors).



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Frank Reicher Quotes:

Mother Superior: Well, Doctor?
Dr. St. Cyr: Well, in addition to the large tumor on the knee, she has tuberculosis of the bone. She has never complained of pain?
Mother Superior: No. Sister?
Sister Marie Therese Verzous: [stunned by the news] She never mentioned it.
Dr. St. Cyr: I can't understand it. She's had this affliction for a long time, and the constant pain and suffering associated with this disease is almost too horrible to describe.

Captain Englehorn: Serve out the rifles! Man the boats!

Harper: Strange safety vault, eh, Roth? Both doors wide open to anyone finding that panel in the hall.
Roth: Like a spider's web, sir. Easy to get into; impossible to get out of.
Harper: [Sarcastically] And I'm the spider, huh?

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Frank Reicher Facts
His theatrical career began in Germany but he worked in London before arriving in the US in 1899. Retired in 1951.

Brother of actress Hedwiga Reicher.

Entered pictures in the mid-teens, then left for 10 years returning in 1926.

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