Job Actor
Years active 1923-1964
Known for Wisecracking cab driver, a cop or a reporter
Top Roles Sam Wainwright, Tom Cassidy, Max Herman, Emile le Poulet / Clarence, Skeet Mulroy
Top GenresDrama, Comedy, Romance, Crime, Adventure, Action
Top TopicsBook-Based, Romance (Comic), True Story (based on)
Top Collaborators (Director), (Director), (Producer), (Director)
Shares birthday with Bonita Granville, Elaine Stritch, Frank Lloyd  see more..

Frank Albertson Overview:

Character actor, Frank Albertson, was born Francis Healey Albertson on Feb 2, 1909 in Fergus Falls, MN. Albertson died at the age of 55 on Feb 29, 1964 in Santa Monica, CA .


Frank Albertson appeared in over 185 film and TV roles in a career spanning over 40 years. Most notably, he appeared as 'Hee-Haw' Sam Wainwright in It's a Wonderful Life, millionaire Tom Cassidy (who's money is stolen by Janet Leigh) in Psycho, Katharine Hepburn's brother in Alice Adams, playwright Leo Davis in Room Service (opposite The Marx Brothers) and the Mayor of Sweet Apple in Bye Bye Birdie.

(Source: article by Annmarie Gatti for Classic Movie Hub).



He was honored with one star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the category of Motion Pictures.

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Frank Albertson Quotes:

Leo Davis: I'll give you the best performance you ever saw in a hotel bedroom!

California Charlie: [Marion is imagining various conversations between the people she believes will be looking for her] Heck, Officer, that was the first time I ever saw the customer high-pressure the salesman! Somebody chasin' her?
Highway Patrol officer: I better have a look at those papers, Charlie.
California Charlie: She look like the wrong-one to you?
Highway Patrol officer: Acted like one.
California Charlie: The only funny thing, she paid me seven hundred dollars in cash.
Caroline: [Marion imagines another conversation] Yes, Mr. Lowery?
George Lowery: Caroline? Marion still isn't in?
Caroline: No, Mr. Lowery. But then, she's always a bit late on Monday mornings.
George Lowery: Buzz me the minute she comes in. Then call her sister - if no one's answering at the house.
Caroline: [Marion imagines the conversation later resuming] I called her sister, Mr. Lowery, where she works, - the Music Makers Music Store, you know, - and she doesn't know where Marion is any more than we do.
George Lowery: You'd better run out to the house. She may be, well - unable to answer the phone.
Caroline: Her sister's going to do that. She's as worried as we are.
George Lowery: [Marion imagines Lowery speaking to her sister Lila] No, I haven't the faintest idea. As I said, I last saw your sister when she left the office on Friday. She said she didn't feel well and wanted to leave early; I said she could. That was the last I saw... Now wait a minute. I did see her sometime later, driving - Ah, I think you'd better come over here to my office - quick! Caroline, get Mr. Cassidy for me!
George Lowery: [Marion imagines another conversation] After all, Cassidy, I told you - all that cash! I'm not taking the responsibility! Oh, for heaven's sake! A girl works for you for ten years, you trust her! All right. Yes. You better come over.
Tom Cassidy: Well, I ain't about to kiss off forty thousand dollars! I'll get it back, and if any of it's missin' I'll replace it with her fine, soft flesh! I'll track her, never you doubt it!
George Lowery: Oh, hold on, Cassidy! I-I still can't believe - it must be some kind of mystery. I-I can't...
Tom Cassidy: You checked with the bank, no? They never laid eyes on her, no? You still trustin'? Hot creepers! She sat there while I dumped it out! Hardly even looked at it! Plannin'! And - even flirtin' with me!

Freddie: [referring to the baby] Where did it come from?
Polly: I got it for Christmas!
Freddie: This Christmas or last Christmas?

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Frank Albertson on the
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Frank Albertson Facts
Entered films in 1922.

Screen, stage, and television actor.

Early, largely uncredited roles from 1922, had him cast under the name James Cruze

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