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Actor, Everett Sloane, was born on Oct 1, 1909 in New York City, NY. Sloane died at the age of 55 on Aug 6, 1965 in Los Angeles, CA and was laid to rest in Angelus Rosedale Cemetery in Los Angeles, CA.



He was honored with one star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the category of Television.

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By Amanda Garrett on May 13, 2015 From Old Hollywood Films

Character actor appeared on radio and in films and television during his 30-year career, but his is best known today for playing Mr. Bernstein in Citizen Kane (1941). was a versatile actor who played a wide variety of roles in his long career from a nebbishy newspa... Read full article

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By Marlee Walters on Nov 4, 2013 From Spoilers

will forever be Senor Basilio, Zorro?s foe, to me. Sloane appeared as Basilio, a greedy emissary from Spain, on the Disney Zorro TV show starring Guy Williams in 1959. (Get excited, for my birthday next month I?ll be writing about this particular iteration of Zorro ? by far the best.)... Read full article

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Everett Sloane Quotes:

Walter Ramsey: Name your terms. All terms are negotiable.
Fred Staples: I don't think so. Not mine.
Walter Ramsey: All right. I'd just as soon not waste any time doing trading. As of now, your salary is doubled. Your stock option is doubled right down the line. Your expense account is whatever you make it. Add to that a new title, vice president.
Fred Staples: I want a lot more than that. You're not going to take me on as just another vice president you can push around. You take me as someone who hates you down to the bare nerve. Nothing in the world will ever change that. I'll argue with you, contradict you and fight you every way I know how. I'll do everything in my power to push you out and take your place myself.
Walter Ramsey: Go ahead and try. Mr. Staples, you have yourself a deal.
Fred Staples: Have it drawn up.
Walter Ramsey: No reservations now?
Fred Staples: Yes, one. Bill had one pitiful little dream that someday he'd walk in here and break your jaw. I reserve the right to have that wish myself.
Walter Ramsey: I'll have it drawn into the contract... with a rider giving me the same privilege.

Albert Mendoza: [after being beaten by Rico] I've been gone over by experts, but you're the best. What's your name?
Joseph Rico: What's the matter? You want some more?
Albert Mendoza: I think I can use a guy like you.

Arthur Bannister: George, that's the first time anyone ever thought enough of you to call you a shark. If you were a good lawyer, you'd be flattered.

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Everett Sloane Facts
Apparent suicide with bartiturates in Brentwood because he was afraid he was going blind.

Wrote the lyrics to theme song of "The Andy Griffith Show" (1960). However, they were not used in favor of whistling the theme song.

Shares his birthday with his Citizen Kane (1941) co-star George Coulouris.

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