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Character actress, Esther Howard, was born on Apr 4, 1892 in Helena, MT. Howard died at the age of 72 on Mar 8, 1965 in Hollywood, CA .



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By Caftan Woman on Jun 25, 2009 From Caftan Woman

April 4, 1908 - March 8, 1965Let's look at another classic movie performance sadly overlooked at award time.It's 1947, and former Broadway musical star turned Hollywood comedienne and staple of film noir, shines in a thrilling crime drama from director Robert Wise.The film... Read full article

By Caftan Woman on Apr 3, 2008 From Caftan Woman

Miz Zeffie knows how to hold her man. - "Sullivan's Travels" (1941)Greetings classic movie fans and welcome to this online celebration of one of the silver screen's character actress greats, . Born April 4, 1892 in Helena, Montana (the stamping ground of Myrna Loy and Gary Cooper), litt... Read full article

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Esther Howard Quotes:

Albert Arnett: Which will, believe me, be exceedingly painful to a man of my integrity.
Mrs. Kraft: It won't hurt half as much as me to lose my $500.

Mrs. Kraft: You're the coldest iceberg of a woman I ever saw, and the rottenest inside. I've seen plenty, too. I wouldn't trade places with you if they sliced me into little pieces.

[after consuming his pills, Grandpa coughs violently]
Grandpa: I got a bone stuck in my throat.
Aunt Sophie: Don't bolt your food, Grandpa. (to Stan and Ollie) He always does that, especially when we have fish.

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