Job Actress
Known for Schoolteachers, maids, nurses, nuns, governesses, spinsters
Top Roles Walmer Hotel Proprietess, College Arms Hotel Cashier, Cook, Mother Superior, Mrs. Skatcher
Top GenresDrama, Romance, Comedy, Film Adaptation, Mystery, Crime
Top TopicsBook-Based, World War II, Romance (Comic)
Top Collaborators (Producer), (Producer), (Producer), (Director)
Shares birthday with Ruth Hussey, Ruth Gordon, Norman Bird  see more..

Eily Malyon Overview:

Character actress, Eily Malyon, was born Eily S. Lees-Craston on Oct 30, 1879 in London, UK. Malyon died at the age of 81 on Sep 26, 1961 in South Pasadena, CA .


Eily Malyon was a fair-haired, gloomy-looking British stage actress with strong features who came to Hollywood in the early 1930s. Her almost weather-beaten face and sharp delivery qualified her for severe, sour, be-stern-with-the-children roles. She was still glooming about as Mrs. Sketcher in 1943's "Jane Eyre" and only retired at age 70.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Illustrated Dictionary of Film Character Actors).



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Eily Malyon Quotes:

[newlyweds Richard and Frances Myles register at a hotel under assumed names]
Walmer Hotel proprietor: Mr. and Mrs. Smith? I suppose that's all right. Mind you draw the blinds.
Richard Myles: [embarrassed] Huh?
Walmer Hotel proprietor: There's a practice blackout tonight.

Mrs. Walton, the housekeeper: [hearing a howl] Sounds like a lost soul!

Miss Piper, the Governess: As women, the first thing of importance is to be content to be inferior to men, inferior in mental power in the same proportion that she is in physical strength. A really sensible woman feels her dependence. She's conscious of her inferiority and therefore grateful for her thought.

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Eily Malyon Facts
Cruel-eyed, severe-looking, white-haired British character actress mostly in small, unbilled parts who offered gloom and doom to many Gothic melodramas, horrors and historical epics in Hollywood, often as landladies, servants, nuns and spinsters.

Mother Agnes Thomas was also an actress.

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