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Character actor, Edwin Maxwell, was born on Feb 9, 1886 in Dublin, Ireland. Maxwell died at the age of 62 on Aug 13, 1948 in Falmouth, MA and was cremated and his ashes scattered location unknown.



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Edwin Maxwell Quotes:

Joe Worth: [talking about their financial situation] I don't hope to impress you, but I've got to tell you we haven't a farthing.
Ivan Igor: That is unfortunate.
Joe Worth: You're right it's unfortunate, 15,000 pounds it's cost me and you say it's unfortunate as though I've spilled soup on my vest.
Ivan Igor: Your money may have been very well invested you never know, something important may come of all this.
Joe Worth: Something important has got to come of all this, you know the rent on this place isn't paid?
Ivan Igor: Is that a fact?
Joe Worth: No I'm lying to amuse myself.
Joe Worth: I've got an idea that will get us out of all this, you and I have absolutely no money but we have got this
[hands Ivan the fire insurance]
Joe Worth: .
Ivan Igor: Fire insurance? Is this your idea of humor my friend?
Joe Worth: Yes fire insurance, that's our way out.

Chief of detectives: Colorful? What color is a crawling louse? Say, listen, that's the attitude of too many morons in this country. They think these hoodlums are some sort of demigods. What do they do about a guy like Camonte? They sentimentalize, romance, make jokes about him. They had some excuse to glorify our old Western bad men. They met in the middle of the street at high noon and waited for each other to draw. But these things sneak up and shoot a guy in the back and then run away. Colorful. Did you read what happened the other day? A car full of them chasing another down the street, broad daylight. Three kiddies playing hopscotch on the sidewalk get lead poured in their little bellies. When I think what goes on in the minds of these lice, I wanna vomit.

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Edwin Maxwell Facts
Irish character from Broadway in Hollywood's early talkies -- played both benevolent and unscrupulous types, usually minor roles.

His body was cremated; per his request, his ashes were scattered over Broadway.

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