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Character actor, Eduardo Ciannelli, was born on Aug 30, 1889 in Ischia, Italy. Ciannelli died at the age of 80 on Oct 8, 1969 in Rome, Italy .


Eduardo Ciannelli was an Italian-born character actor who moved from opera singing to acting and became a Hollywood regular from 1937 to 1948, (Winterset, For Whom the Bell Tolls), after which he began to commute between America and Italy. His deeply lined features, as menacing as a snake's head, conveyed all kinds of manic masterminds and Mafia mobsters. His sharp and grating accent was inimitable and his impeccable manners increased the menace beneath. He died from cancer, back in his beloved Rome.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Illustrated Dictionary of Film Character Actors).



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Eduardo Ciannelli Quotes:

Johnny Vanning: [talking to the hostesses in an intimidating manner] I'm taking over this joint. From now on you're working for me. Most of you know how I operate. If you don't, read the papers and find out!

Guru: Where are the stranglers?
Thuggees: [Thuggees respond in Hindi]
Guru: Give them their strangling cloths.
Thuggees: Kali.
Guru: Give them their burial picks.
Thuggees: Kali.
Guru: Swear by our mother Kali to be thrice faithful to her and to me and to our order and to all of us.
Thuggees: [Thuggees pray in Hindi]
Guru: Rise, our new-made brothers. Rise and kill. Kill, lest you be killed yourselves. Kill for the love of killing. Kill for the love of Kali. Kill! Kill! Kill!

Maurice Stern: Pity - that most vile of virtues - has never been known to you.

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Eduardo Ciannelli Facts
Father of Lewis E. Ciannelli.

Was nominated for Broadway's 1961 Tony Award as Best Supporting or Featured Actor (Dramatic) for "The Devil's Advocate."

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