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Actor, Eddie Mayehoff, was born Edward Mier Mayehoff on Jul 7, 1909 in Baltimore, MD. Mayehoff died at the age of 83 on Nov 12, 1992 in Ventura, CA .



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Eddie Mayehoff Quotes:

Stanley Ford: Here you are in the prime of life. A handsome figure of a man, successful in business, adored by one and all. In fact, it could be said that you had it made, except for the one thing.
Harold Lampson: I'm a lousy lawyer, huh?
Stanley Ford: [scoffs] No, you're married.
Harold Lampson: Yeah, but being married is the normal way to live. Isn't it?
Stanley Ford: Who says so?
Harold Lampson: Edna?
Stanley Ford: Oh Harold, I think you've been brainwashed. You're missing a very important point: marriage is not a basic fact of nature, it's an invention. It's like the infield fly rule; it exists only because the women say so and like idiots we just go following right along.
Harold Lampson: Uh...no, no, no, uh, Stan, I don't know what I would do without Edna. She...she...she plans the meals, sends my shirts to the laundry...
Stanley Ford: [interrupting] Harold, you're making another basic common masculine mistake: you're confusing love and laundry.
Harold Lampson: [rubbing the side of his face] Love and laundry, ay?

Mr. Murdock: You see that little window back there, boy?
Eugene Fullstack: Yes, sir.
Mr. Murdock: Open it a little, then jump.

Mr. Murdock: Sixty-two pages of drawings and no blood? Not even an itsy-bitsy nosebleed? But suffering catfish, do you call this a Murdock Book for Kiddies with no stranglings, with no decapitations? Where are they?

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Eddie Mayehoff Facts
His father was Mordecai Mayehoff who was a Russian born Jew. His mother was named Maud and she was born in Maryland.

Married four times but had no children. He considered only one of those marriages, which lasted eleven years, serious. He never had any children.

Though born in Baltimore, he spent most of his youth growing up in Norwalk, Connecticut.

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