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Actress, Dorothy Provine, was born Michele Dorothy Provine on Jan 20, 1935 in Deadwood, SD. Provine died at the age of 75 on Apr 25, 2010 in Bremerton, WA .



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By The Metzinger Sisters on Aug 23, 2019 From Silver Scenes - A Blog for Classic Film Lovers

and Jody McCrea ( son of Joel McCrea and Frances Dee ) are seen out on the town in this 1960s candid photo. dated a number of men in the late 1950s-early 1960s including Frank Sinatra, Alan Ladd Jr., Richard Chamberlain, Glenn Ford, and Roger Moore, but this "date" wi... Read full article

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Ingrid Randall: Can you imagine his wife? Mrs. Zeke Kelso... sounds like something that got caught in a clothes dryer.

Patti Randall: We have to cooperate.
Ingrid Randall: Of course we do but the FBI has gotten along all these years without using my room as a base of operation. Right? Now, I want Mr. Whoever-He-Is, and his ham radio or whatever-that-is, out of my room by the time I get home, or I'm going to become very difficult.

Ingrid Randall: Say!
Patti Randall: Shush!
Ingrid Randall: What do you mean shush? This is my room!
Zeke Kelso: Patti! I'm gonna have to ask you to quiet down, and that goes for you too! Why, hello there.
Ingrid Randall: Who are you! How do you get off telling me to be quiet in my own room!
[Zeke Kelso then pulled out his FBI badge, to show to show it to Ingrid Marshall]
Ingrid Randall: What's this thing supposed to be, I don't know anything about that stuff.

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Dorothy Provine Facts
Dorothy Provine's birthdate, Wednesday, January 20th, 1937 was also political history. United States of America's President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt' originally took office in March of 1933. But Wednesday, January 20th, 1937, was Franklin D. Roosevelt's first of three times, being sworn in, during January. The oath of office swearing in the President and Vice President, was changed during Roosevelt's first term, in office. Until 1933, the Presidential swearing in, took place in middle of March.

Mother of Robert Day Jr..

Had two sisters, Susan and Patricia.

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