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Character actor, Don Beddoe, was born Donald Theophilus Beddoe on Jul 1, 1903 in Pittsburgh, PA. Beddoe died at the age of 87 on Jan 19, 1991 in Laguna Hills, CA .


Apple-cheeked, auburn-haired American actor with small, twinkling blue eyes, seen as impish confederates, excitable reporters or defective detectives. Although he was 35 when he came to Hollywood from Broadway, his cherubic, butter-innocent looks allowed him a good variety of middle-range roles before he moved into old codgers and, in one delightful instance, a leprechaun trapped in a bottle. He had the lead in 1961's Saintly Sinners. Married for the second time at the age of 71, Beddoe, a great traveller, was obviously a believer that life begins any time you choose.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Film Character Actors: an Illustrated Directory).



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Don Beddoe Quotes:

Father Dan: We don't harass the Lord enough. We should be more demanding, like a small boy asking his father for a bicycle. Ask for your inheritance. Ask for a miracle, a couple of miracles. Demand your share. Holler! Our rich father isn't very far away. After all, all you're asking for is a fair shake. It shouldn't take much of a miracle for that.

Father Dan: The bigger the deal, the better it is for the side that's in no hurry.

Zeke Mitchell: This will be a different town if you put a railroad in here, you know that.
Silent Jeff Kincaid: It could stand a little wakening up.
Zeke Mitchell: I happen to like it the way it is.
Silent Jeff Kincaid: Growing pains are always a little tough. But you can't get to be an adult without them. That goes for towns too.
Zeke Mitchell: That depends on what you mean by being an adult.

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