Diane Cilento Overview:

Actress, Diane Cilento, was born on Oct 5, 1933 in Brisbane, Australia. Cilento died at the age of 78 on Oct 6, 2011 in Cairns and was laid to rest in unknown Cemetery.



Although Cilento was nominated for one Oscar, she never won a competitive Academy Award.

Academy Awards

YearAwardFilm nameRoleResult
1963Best Supporting ActressTom Jones (1963)MollyNominated

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Diane Cilento Quotes:

Connie: [Screaming] Ahhhhhhh!
Harry Stonehouse: [Annoyed] Now what?
Connie: A spider!
David Prade: Oh, it's quite harmless... unless you're a male spider. This is a female.
Connie: You sure have good eyesight!
David Prade: No, the male is always small, and, in case you're interested, he gets eaten by the female after he has performed his necessary function.
Baroness de la Vailion: [In French] Ooo lala!
David Prade: Ah, you know, women tend to do the same thing.
Baroness de la Vailion: I must say I have never tried it.
David Prade: [laughs] I mean mentally and psychologically.
Denise Colby: You've obviously talked to a lot of spiders.
David Prade: No, but I've talked to men, and, like spiders, many of them enjoy being eaten psychologically.
Harry Stonehouse: [Alan seems to react negatively to this last remark] You can take me off the list.
David Prade: Oh, some fight against it. It's a mechanism of this sort, a bid to stave off being eaten by women which operates in certain individuals.
[Alan again appears to take Prade's remark personally]
Denise Colby: Is that why you're a bachelor?
[Everybody laughs]

[Grimes has just delivered an ultimatum to Mendez and the others]
John Russell: Hey. I got a question. How are you planning to get back down that hill?
Grimes: Now you wait a minute! I'm getting back down the same way I came up! (Begins running back down the hill. Russell shoots him as he is running)
Jessie: [as Grimes crawls away after being shot] Cicero Grimes, meet John Russell.

Denise Colby: [to Alan] Tesoro, I've lied for you but never to you.

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Diane Cilento Facts
Sister-in-law of Peter Shaffer.

Manages and owns an open-air theater named 'Karnak Playhouse', located in the Daintree Rainforest, Mossman, Queensland. Hence why she has done very little screen work since the 1980s.

She is interred at Highgate Cemetery (East) in High Gate, Greater London, England in a plot next to her husband of 16 years Anthony Shaffer.

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