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Actor, Dennis Morgan, was born Earl Stanley Morner on Dec 20, 1908 in Prentice, WI. Morgan died at the age of 85 on Sep 7, 1994 in Fresno, CA .



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About MeBlogger, Out of the Past - A Classic Film Blog and more. Please add my Google profile to your circles. Name: Stats: b. 1908- d. 1994. 54 movies from 1936 to 1957. Worked for MGM, Paramount and Warner Bros.Rating: 4 out of 5 Humunahs!Hotness Factors: A smile that could undo butt... Read full article

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Paul Collins: [Looking around the train station] Wonder where that dumb partner of mine is. Boy, will I be glad to get him out of this town. Love has smitten him like a ten ton truck!
Ice Cream Parlor Waitress: Never hits you, does it?
Paul Collins: [Sarcastically] Every other Thursday, Baby.

Paul Collins: You feel good, don't you? Don't you ever wake up at night and say to yourself, 'Maybe there's something just a little poisonous about me?'
Mrs. Helen Chernen: Mind your business!
Paul Collins: [With thinly disguised contempt] You know, in a queer, crazy kind of a way I admire you. I like to watch you work. It's like watching the manuveurs of the atlantic Fleet... and after you've done something particularly mean and nasty, I'd like to take you in my arms and kiss you.
Mrs. Helen Chernen: [a little taken back] Hmmmp! That's a lovely unique. Is this the line you feed all those girls of yours?
Paul Collins: [With slight sarcasm] No, seriously, you're marvelous... a regular machine... no heart, no blood, no feelings.
[Helen's eyes begin to become more and more vulnerable as he continues]
Paul Collins: I'll bet you never had a useless daydream in your life... never thought of a man. I'll bet you couldn't fall in love if you wanted to.
[He takes her into his arms and kisses her]
Mrs. Helen Chernen: [the kiss has obviously released a well of supressed passion] Oh, paul, Paul! You don't know!
Paul Collins: But, darling, I do. I've known all along.
Mrs. Helen Chernen: [Passionately] No, you don't. I know what you think about me. There are so many things, Paul, I can't explain.
Paul Collins: [Turning cold] I tell you what, sweetheart...
Mrs. Helen Chernen: [Vulnerably] What, Paul?
Paul Collins: [Coldly calculated] Write me... write me in Duluth.
[She slaps him, and he smiles with satisfaction]

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Dennis Morgan Facts
Traveled during his early days with an operatic company singing in productions of "Faust" and "Carmen".

Received his big musical film break singing "A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody" in the now famous glossy finale of The Great Ziegfeld (1936). His voice, however, was dubbed by Allan Jones.

First under contract to MGM, he subsequently moved to Paramount and then Warner Bros., where he became one of the top movie singers.

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