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Character actress, Connie Gilchrist, was born Rose Constance Gilchrist on Feb 2, 1901 in Brooklyn, NY. Gilchrist died at the age of 84 on Mar 3, 1985 in unknown, unknown .


Connie Gilchrist was a formidably-built, strong-featured, Brooklyn-born actress. With a no-nonsense screen persona, even her below-the-stairs characters were inclined to speak their minds. A stage actress from 1917, she was signed by MGM in 1940, forming the third point of the triangle in the Marjorie Main-Wallace Beery roughhouse comedies, and duetting delightfully with Judy Garland in Presenting Lily Mars. Later she was a match for Robert Newton in his Long John Silver TV series, playing Purity Pinker.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Illustrated Dictionary of Film Character Actors).



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Connie Gilchrist Quotes:

Norah Muldoon: [to the electrical contractor regarding Vera Charles] It's the "First Lady of the American Thee-ayter" out cold in the guestroom. Ms. Charles don' live here. She does her drinkin' here and her passin' out here.

Porter Hollingsway: OK. OK, you win. I'll marry you. How about it?
Lora Mae Hollingsway: Thanks... for nothing.
Porter Hollingsway: Now what kind of an answer is that?
Lora Mae Hollingsway: I don't know. I just felt like it. That's all.
Porter Hollingsway: We'll do all right, kid. We're starting out where it takes most marriages years to get, out in the open. No jokers. You'll see. You've made a good deal, Lora Mae.
Mrs. Finney: [walking into the room] Lora Mae, honey, if you want me I'll be over at the Callahans' playing...
Lora Mae Hollingsway: Happy new year, Ma. We're gonna get married.
Mrs. Finney: ...Bingo!
[She faints]

Mrs. Finney: "Good night, Mother dear, and don't wait up." If a daughter of mine ever really talked like that I'd cut her tongue out!

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Connie Gilchrist Fact
Perhaps remembered as Mrs Jensen in TV's "The Real McCoys" (1957).

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