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Character actor, Clem Bevans, was born Clement Guy Blevins on Oct 16, 1879 in Cozaddale, OH. Bevans died at the age of 83 on Aug 11, 1963 in Woodland Hills, CA .

Clem Bevans was born on October 16th, 1879 in Cozzadale, Ohio. Like many character actors, Bevans began his career as a vaudeville entertainer in the early 1900's. He steadily worked on his craft, eventually graduating to the world of burlesque, Broadway and even Opera productions. It would not be until 1935 that the 55 year old Bevans' would make his first silver screen appearance in Way Down East. His performance as the the toothless old codger Doc Wiggins was so memorable that Bevans was quickly cast as a similar character in his next film Idol of the Crowds and for the rest of his filmic career would be typecast as the "old coot." Some notable departures from that stereotype was his portrayal of a Nazi spy in Alfred Hitchcock's 1942 thriller Saboteur and the eccentric, voyeuristic millionaire in the musical comedy Happy Go Lucky. By the end of career the actor had made over 130 film and television appearances, acting almost up to the day he dies. His final screen performance was in 1962 on The New Loretta Young Show. Clem Bevans died on August 11th, 1963. He was 83 years old.

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Clem Bevans Quotes:

Wilson: Is he alone?
Mr. Cracker, the Bartender: Well, there's two schools of thought, sir.

[Elwood bumps into an old friend he hasn't seen for some time]
Elwood P. Dowd: You've been away.
Mr. Miggles: For 90 days. Been doin' a job for the state. Makin' license plates.
Elwood P. Dowd: Oh, is that so? Interesting work?
Mr. Miggles: I can take it or leave it alone.
Elwood P. Dowd: Oh, I see.
Mr. Miggles: I did a job for 'em last year too. Helpin' 'em build a road.

Wade Hatton: Well, what's the news in Dodge?
Charley: Well, just about the same as always. Gamblin', drinkin', and killin'. Mostly killin'.

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Clem Bevans Facts
Four children: Edith, from his first marriage to Edith Sketchley; Clemene, Luppee (Vickie), and Clark, all adopted with his second wife, Lillian.

One daughter with wife Edith May Sketchley named Edith M. born 1908.

Departing significantly from type, he portrayed to great effect, in Hitchcock's 'Saboteur' (1942), a fifth columnist somewhat ancient in years but thoroughly mean-spirited if not sinister withal.

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