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Actor, Claude Gillingwater, was born Claude Benton Gillingwater on Aug 2, 1870 in Louisiana, MO. Gillingwater died at the age of 69 on Nov 2, 1939 in Beverly Hills, CA .



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Claude Gillingwater Quotes:

Sydney Carton: Yours is a long life to look back on, Mr. Lorry?
Jarvis Lorry Jr.: I'm 78.
Sydney Carton: Long life... useful one.
Jarvis Lorry Jr.: A solitary bachelor - nobody would weep for me.
Sydney Carton: Wouldn't SHE weep for you? [refers to Lucie]
Jarvis Lorry Jr.: Yes, thank God. I didn't quite mean what I said.
Sydney Carton: It is a thing to thank God for, isn't it. Tell me, if you looked back on that long life and saw that you had gained neither love, gratitude nor respect of any human being... it would be a bitter reflection, wouldn't it?
Jarvis Lorry Jr.: Why yes, surely.

Judge: Young lady, do you realize that you're guilty of contempt of court?
Betsy Brown: I'm awfully sorry, Mr. Judge, but it just made me mad to hear Miss Wendling say those things about my friends. They're not true. They're wonderful actors, just wonderful!
Judge: This young lady doesn't seem to agree with you, Miss Wendling.
Betsy Brown: That's because she never saw them act, did you, Miss Wendling? And if you saw them act, Mr. Judge, if you saw Jimmy and his Jazz Bandits and everyone, you'd think they were wonderful, too!
Perry: Your honor, if it pleases the court...
Judge: Just a minute. I believe this court could be saved a lot of time and argument by following the splendid suggestion that has just been made. It seems the immediate issue in this case is whether the plaintiff's wish to invest his money in a theatrical production is a sound one. I want to see the show right here in this courtroom tomorrow!

Reporter: Can we quote you on that, Mr. Henshaw?
Samuel G. Henshaw: Verbatim! And you can tell them that's the trouble with the whole country today! Someone starts a rumor, and we're afraid. What we need is that good old American spirit! And to show just how cock-eyed this rumor is, I'm starting work on the East Gate Project tomorrow, and this is the man I'm putting in charge of that worthy project! Jeff Hale, he has vision!

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Claude Gillingwater Facts
Performed on Broadway from 1899-1919.

Perhaps remembered as Jarvis Lorry in 'A Tale of Two Cities' (1935).

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