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Legendary character actress, Claire Bloom, was born Patricia Claire Blume on Feb 15, 1931 in Finchley, London. As of December 2022, Claire Bloom was 91 years old.


Austerely beautiful dark-haired English actress given her first big film role by Chaplin in Limelight. She always seemed too dignified to play comedy, fantasy, or sex-drama, although she had a go at all three, sometimes with notable success. But drama is her forte; although it never made her a box-office attraction, she was, and is, capable of both moving and biting acting. Married to Rod Steiger from 1959-1969. Married author Philip Roth in 1990.

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Bloom was never nominated for an Academy Award.

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Claire Bloom Quotes:

Helena Charles: You're hurt because everything's changed and Jimmy's hurt because everything's stayed the same. Something's gone wrong somewhere hasn't it.

Alice Kinnian: [writes a sentence on the blackboard for Charly to punctuate] Punctuate it. Go ahead, punctuate it.
[Charly does, and does it correctly]
Alice Kinnian: That's very good!
Charly Gordon: Now I have something for you to punctuate!
[Turns over blackboard where he has written a sentence]
Alice Kinnian: That does not make sense!
Charly Gordon: [Starts to punctuate it] 'That that is
[adds a comma]
Charly Gordon: , is
[adds a period]
Charly Gordon: . That that is not
[adds a comma]
Charly Gordon: , is not
[adds a period]
Charly Gordon: .'
Alice Kinnian: [Figures it out] 'Is that it?'
Charly Gordon: 'It is!'
Alice Kinnian: So. Student surpasses the teacher!
[Charly nods eagerly]

[last lines]
Felicia: Each person who tries to see beyond his own time must face questions to which there cannot yet be absolute answers.

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Claire Bloom Facts
She won rave reviews for her performances as Blanche Du Bois ("A Streetcar Named Desire") in London, Nora ("A Doll's House") on Broadway, and Madame Ranevskaya ("The Cherry Orchard") at Boston's prestigious American Repertory Theatre.

Daughter, opera singer Anna Steiger, by her ex-husband, actor Rod Steiger.

Her second book, "Leaving a Doll's House: A Memoir" was published in 1996, and went into greater details about her personal life; she discussed not only her failed marriages, to the dismay of a disgruntled Philip Roth, but her romantic relationships with Richard Burton and Laurence Olivier.

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