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Actor, Charles Farrell, was born on Aug 9, 1900 in Onset Bay, MA. Farrell died at the age of 89 on May 6, 1990 in Palm Springs, CA and was laid to rest in Welwood Murray Cemetery in Palm Springs, Riverside County, CA.



He was honored with two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the categories of Television and Motion Pictures.

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Charles Farrell Quotes:

Peter Piper: What's yours is mine, and what's mine is mine!

Sidney Taylor: I just saw you watching Betty, and the way you looked at her legs. You looked kind of funny.
Peter Piper: I can't help looking funny. I was born that way.
Sidney Taylor: Don't, Pete. I'm serious. I've thought about it often.
Peter Piper: About what?
Sidney Taylor: Listen, Pete. Why can't we have a - holiday together?
Peter Piper: A what?
Sidney Taylor: Why can't we go away somewhere together? We could come back, and no one would ever know.
Peter Piper: Say, what in the name of heaven are you...
Sidney Taylor: Wouldn't you?
Peter Piper: No, and neither would you. I hope I don't know what you're talking about, but I think I do. You wouldn't want to do anything like that, would you?
Sidney Taylor: No, I wouldn't. But I love you, Pete, and I know men are different.
Peter Piper: Different from what?
Sidney Taylor: From a girl. I mean, a nice girl.
Peter Piper: You poor little kid. Somebody's been telling you a lot about the difference in habits between men and women. Self-control. Maybe it's true, and then again maybe it's a lot of applesauce. As far as I'm concerned, if a person's on the level, it's got nothing to do with sex. Get me?
Sidney Taylor: I think so, but I just wanted you to know I'd do anything for you.
Peter Piper: Don't you think you have? Don't you worry your poor little head about me. I'm all right, and I'm going to wait. I'm going to wait for you until hell freezes over.

Jeff Hale: You remember how hard I used to work before you went away to school? I was always planning buildings and putting them up. We hardly had any time at all to be together.
Penny Hale: And you were tired all the time.
Jeff Hale: That wasn't so good, was it? But it made money. We had money to live in a penthouse and have a car. But now it's awful hard to get jobs.

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Charles Farrell Facts
Television allowed Farrel to stage a successful comeback, which culminated in "The Charles Farrell Show" (1956) (1956-1960). After the show's cancellation, Farrell retired to the desert.

Not to be confused with the Irish-born character actor in UK films Charles Farrell.

An explosion on the set of the film that made him a star, Old Ironsides (1926), left a technician dead, several bystanders injured and blew out Farrell's eardrums, leaving him partially deaf for the rest of his life, something he was fairly careful not to let on.

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