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Character actor, C. Montague Shaw, was born Charles Montague Shaw on Mar 23, 1882 in Adelaide, Australia. Montague Shaw died at the age of 85 on Feb 6, 1968 in Woodland Hills, CA .



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C. Montague Shaw Quotes:

Buck Rogers: I don't understand, sir. Who is this man called Killer Kane?
Professor Huer: He is the result of the stupidity of the men of your century. You failed to stamp out lawlessness and in the end the criminal became stronger than the law.

Prof. Norton: There was that signal again. They've been sending it every five minutes.
Diana Compton: They? Just whom do you mean by they?
Crash Corrigan: Professor Norton maintains that these signals must be the work of some human agency apparently coming from the bottom of the ocean
Diana Compton: I hope you're not going to spring that fantastic yarn about the lost continent of Atlantis.
Prof. Norton: Exactly - only now I have some definite evidence.

Prof. Norton: And this was where the ancient continent of Atlantis was reported to have sunk thousands of years ago. Contrary to popular belief, Atlantis did not sink overnight, but during a period of years. During this time, the people had ample opportunity to construct a roof of orecalcum over the city and keep out the ocean waves. Thus Atlantis, though lost, still lives.

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