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Legendary actress, Brigitte Bardot, was born on Sep 28, 1934 in Paris, France. As of December 2020, Brigitte Bardot was 86 years old.



Bardot was never nominated for an Academy Award.

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Brigitte Bardot Quotes:

Camille Javal: I like you better without the hat and cigar.
Paul Javal: I'm just imitating Dean Martin in "Some Came Running."
Camille Javal: Very funny. You don't remind me of Dean Martin, but of Martin and the ass. Don't you know the story about Martin and the ass?
Paul Javal: No.
Camille Javal: One day Martin went to Baghdad to buy himself a flying carpet. And a merchant sold him a very pretty one. Martin sat down on the carpet, but it didn't fly. "Well," said the merchant, "that's not surprising." Are you listening to me?
Paul Javal: Yes.
Camille Javal: "That's not surprising. The carpet will never fly if you think of an ass." "All right," Martin said, "I just won't think of an ass." But then he couldn't stop thinking of an ass! And the carpet wouldn't fly.
Paul Javal: I don't see what that has to do with me.
Camille Javal: That's exactly what I mean.

Paul Javal: After dinner we'll see a movie. It'll give me ideas.
Camille Javal: Use your own ideas instead of stealing them from everyone else.

Juliete Hardy: That's my favorite song!
Antoine Tardieu: It's the first time I ever heard it.
Juliete Hardy: Me too.

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Brigitte Bardot Facts
Prior to her worldwide breakthrough in And God Created Woman (1958), while still a starlet, Brigitte was a familiar in many Italian movies. She once shared a hotel room in Rome with Ursula Andress. It is mentioned in her autobiography. About this she recalled if only producers knew of it they would have think twice about their way of treating us back then.

Gave birth to Nicolas-Jacques Charrier in 1960, who was raised by his father's family after her divorce from his father Jacques Charrier in 1962.

In 1994, scandalized by Sophia Loren's posing in furs in several printed ads for the Italian fur tailor company Annabella, she published an open letter to Sophia Loren, where she accused her acting contemporary of selling her name and her image 'to the most despicable of all advertising: promotion of furs'. It is, said Bardot, 'degrading, repugnant, lamentable and unworthy to accept money stained with the blood of animals'. Loren, added France's leading animal-rights campaigner, should boycott 'this abominable trade' and 'never forget that wearing a fur is wearing a cemetery on your back'. Loren, on holiday at the time, did not responded.

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