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Actress, Brigid Bazlen, was born on Jun 9, 1944 in Fond du Lac, WI. Bazlen died at the age of 44 on May 25, 1989 in Seattle, WA .



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Salome: [speaking of John the Baptist] His heart should be ripped from his body!

Salome: [to John the Baptist, sarcastically] You frighten me, you angry man!

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Brigid Bazlen Facts
Signed to an exclusive contract by M-G-M Studios in 1961 where she appeared in only three films: "King of Kings," "The Honeymoon Machine," and "How the West Was Won.".

In 1958 the Blue Fairy was one of the earliest Chicago children's show produced in color (WGN-TV, Channel 9.) Appearing in a blue gown, diamond tiara, and clasping a silver wand, Bazlen, suspended by wires, would fly across the small television stage, lip syncing "I'm the Blue Fairy, I'll grant you a wish, to make all your dreams come true... " She then introduced stories enacted by the Rufus Rose Marionettes. It was a short-lived fantasy series, but it inspired at least one Ernie Kovacs sight gag. It was a direct take-off of the Blue Fairy opening with a Kovacs twist. Mustachioed cigar chopping Kovacs in blue gown, blond wig, holding a silver wand flew across the stage slamming headfirst into a wall on the opposite side, then still suspended by the fly wire dangled lifeless.

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