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Character actor, Brad Dexter, was born Boris Malanovich on Apr 9, 1917 in Goldfield, NV. Dexter died at the age of 85 on Dec 12, 2002 in Rancho Mirage, CA .


Brad Dexter was a big, muscular, stiff-moving American actor who looked as though he had wandered in from a Russ Meyer movie, but tended to play grating villains who had as much brain as brawn. A talented amateur boxer, he became more interested in acting and did well for a while in the Hollywood of the early 1950s. Later he turned producer, sometimes producing films starring Frank Sinatra, a personal friend whose life Dexter once saved in a swimming mishap. The only actor of the "The Magnificent Seven" not to become a major star. At one time, he was married to singer Peggy Lee.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Illustrated Dictionary of Film Character Actors).



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Brad Dexter Quotes:

Alonzo D. Emmerich: Shut up.
Bob Brannom: How's that? No one tells me to shut up.

Harry Luck: I heard you got a contract open.
Chris: Well, not for a high-stepper like you.
Harry Luck: A dollar bill always looks as big to me as a bedspread.

Harry Luck: No tricks now, Chris.
Chris Adams: Harry! It's good to see you again.
Harry Luck: Chris.
Chris Adams: What are you doing in this dump?
Harry Luck: I heard you've got a contract open.
Chris Adams: Not for a high-stepper like you.
Harry Luck: A dollar bill always looks as big to me as a bedspread.

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Brad Dexter Facts
On May 10, 1964, Dexter saved both Frank Sinatra's life and the life of Ruth Koch (wife of Producer Howard Koch), during production of the World War II film, None But the Brave, in Kaui, Hawaii. Sinatra and Koch were swimming at a beach when they were swept out to sea by the outgoing tide and nearly drowned in high billowing waves. Sinatra's co-star Dexter swam out and rescued them together and were not able to reach back to shore for nearly 45 minutes. In the waves, Sinatra reportedly became separated and murmured "Its all over...please take care of my kids...I'm going to die." Towards the end, both Sinatra and Koch had fallen unconscious for several minutes before two surfers arrived to help Dexter take them to shore. Dexter was later awarded a Red Cross medal for his bravery. When Dexter later advised him not to marry the then-20 year old Mia Farrow, who was about 25 years Sinatra's junior, Sinatra ended their friendship.

Spoke Serbo-Croatian.

Met Karl Malden in the Army Air Force during World War II. Both performed in "Winged Victory," a Broadway film touring unit.

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