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Actor, Billy Bletcher, was born William Bletcher on Sep 24, 1894 in Lancaster, PA. Bletcher died at the age of 84 on Jan 5, 1979 in Los Angeles, CA .



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King Midas: [singing] I'm known as Rich King Midas / And when you look at me / You'll see a king / Who knows a thing / About his treasury / I never cared for women / I've never cared for wine / But when I count / A large amount / Of money - Ha ha! - It's divine / Gold, gold, gold! / I worship it, I love it / Gold, gold, gold! / I wish I had more of it / My love for shining gold is such / That I could never have too much / I wish that everything I touched / Would turn to gold, gold gold!

Goldies: Ah, is this the great man who bellowed, "Give me gold, not advise"?
King Midas: Goldie, Goldie! Help me, Goldie! Take away this golden curse! Don't let me starve! Take everything! My gold, my kingdom for a hamburger sandwich!
Goldies: With or without onions?
King Midas: Hamburger! Just plain old hamburger!
Goldies: Ha ha ha! Now thou art a wise and humble king. I will take back the golden touch in exchange for everything you possess. Toodle-oo!

King Midas: Who art thou, stranger?
Goldie: A friend. Just call me Goldie.
King Midas: What do you want? My gold?
Goldie: I, want that paltry gold? Ha ha! 'Tis like chicken feed to me. Behold!
[Touches Midas' cat and turns it to gold]
King Midas: The golden touch!
[Grabs the gold cat, but Goldie stops him and turns the cat back to normal]
King Midas: My gold! My kingdom! Everything for the golden touch!
[Starts taking off his coat]
Goldie: Keep thy shirt on, old king. To you the golden touch would prove a golden curse.
King Midas: A curse? A curse? Ha! Then curse me with the golden touch! Ha ha ha ha!
Goldie: Ah, but gold is the snare of the soul. Gold is the root of all evil. Gold is the...
King Midas: Fiddlesticks! Give me gold, not advice.
Goldie: So be it. I gave thee advise. Now I give thee gold. The golden touch is thine. Toodle-oo!

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Billy Bletcher Facts
Billy's voice is one of many voices that's easily familiar along with Clarence Nash, Mel Blanc, etc.

Played "The Toyland Police Chief in Laurel & Hardy's Babes in Toyland (1934) and trouped with the Munchkins in The Wizard of Oz (1939).

Father of actress Barbara Bletcher.

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