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Actor, Anthony Bushell, was born Anthony Arnatt Bushell on May 19, 1904 in Westerham, England. Bushell died at the age of 92 on Apr 2, 1997 in Oxford, England .



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Second Officer Charles Herbert Lightoller: [comes onto Carpathia's bridge] Sir?
Capt. Arthur Rostron: We're at the place now. I thought you'd like to see for yourself.
Second Officer Charles Herbert Lightoller: Oh yes. Thank you, sir.
Capt. Arthur Rostron: We've only found one body, I'm afraid. The rest must have been carried further on by the current. Of course, we'll go on searching for survivors until we turn back to New York.
Second Officer Charles Herbert Lightoller: Yes sir. How many...?
Capt. Arthur Rostron: The purser's checked the figures now. We have on board 705 survivors. Several of those in the boats were dead, I'm afraid.
Second Officer Charles Herbert Lightoller: 1500 lost.
Capt. Arthur Rostron: That's right, yes.

Capt. Arthur Rostron: [Captain Rostron is urging his Chief Engineer to give him all the speed possible as they race to the rescue] Cut your heating and hot water. Cut anything you like. But I've *got* to have every ounce of steam you can give me.

Capt. Arthur Rostron: [sees Cottam coming onto the bridge with a wireless update] Oh, what is it, Cottam?
Wireless Operator Harold Thomas Cottam: From the "Titanic", sir. Her engine room's flooded and she's sinking by the head. Her wireless operator says he won't have the power to transmit for much longer. Her captain wants to know how long we'll be.
Capt. Arthur Rostron: [sadly looks at clock in the wheelhouse] Tell them, another two hours.
[Cottam wordlessly goes to relay this bad news back to "Titanic"]

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Anthony Bushell Facts
Joined the army during WWII. In 1939 he was commissioned in the Welsh Guards as a tank squadron commander and was demobbed as a Major.

His Will was signed on 27th January, 1995 and was Probated at The Principal Registry on 22nd May, 1997. It was £21,072 Gross. There is no suggestion of family in the Will so he may not have had issue.

In civilian life, he preferred to be called "Major Bushell".

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