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Actor, Alan Carney, was born David Boughal on Dec 22, 1909 in Brooklyn, NY. Carney died at the age of 63 on May 2, 1973 in Van Nuys, CA .



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Orval 'Handsome' Martin: There's certainly a lot of stupid people in this world.
Monty Stephens: You can say that again!
Orval 'Handsome' Martin: There's certainly a lot od stupid people in this world.

Police radio voice unit F-7: [voice] F-7 to Central. The Crumps are locked in a hardware store basement. Should I let them out? Over.
Capt. T.G. Culpeper: How the hell could they get themselves locked in a basement? We gotta let them out.
Police sergeant: That ain't fair.
Capt. T.G. Culpeper: It ain't fair? What ain't fair?
Police sergeant: They got themselves in there, they ought to be able to get themselves out. Uh, after all, if you help them, you're not being fair to the others.
Capt. T.G. Culpeper: But, the moment anybody gets to where they're going, we're going to pick 'em up. So what difference does it make who gets there first?
Police sergeant: Uh uh, it's a race, ain't it? Why do you want to help that dentist for? Me? I've been pullin' all the while for that other guy, Pike, with the furniture van. The rules ought to be the same for everybody. Otherwise, it just ain't fair.

Jerry Miles: [after jumping into a foxhole to take cover from a Japanese machine gunner during a raging battle] Boy, what a scrap!
Mike Strager: Yeah, it's just like when Brooklyn plays the Giants.

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Alan Carney Facts
Teamed with comedian Wally Brown in a number of films from 1943-1946.

Biography in: "Who's Who in Comedy", by Ronald L. Smith, pg. 67 (article titled "Brown and Carney"). New York: Facts on File, 1992. ISBN 0816023387

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