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Joan Bennett Overview:

Legendary actress, Joan Bennett, was born Joan Geraldine Bennett on Feb 27, 1910 in Palisades, NJ. Bennett died at the age of 80 on Dec 7, 1990 in Scarsdale, NY and was laid to rest in Pleasant View Cemetery in Lyme, New London County, CT.



She was honored with one star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the category of Motion Pictures. Bennett was never nominated for an Academy Award.

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Joan Bennett Quotes:

Amy March: I'm sure neither of you suffer as I do. You don't have to go to that nasty old Davis' school with impertinent girls who laugh at your dresses and label your father 'cause he isn't rich.
Jo March: Libel, libel! Don't say "label" as if Papa were a pickle bottle.
Amy March: I know what I mean. And you needn't be statirical about it.
[Jo suppresses a laugh at Amy's mispronunciation]
Amy March: It's proper to use good words and improve your vocabillary.

Harriet Carruthers: I thought you were the one angel who wasn't afraid to tread anywhere.

[Morey sees Eve at the hotel drugstore counter buying aspirin. He enters and starts a conversation with her, finding out that she has just lost her manicurist job]
Richard Morey: They have nice perfumes here.
Eve Fallon: Yeah, if you can afford 'em.
Richard Morey: Uh, how much are these?
Off-screen Sales Clerk: Fifty-five dollars.
Richard Morey: Give me four of them.
Eve Fallon: Mmmmm. You must have lots of friends.
Richard Morey: Oh, they're all for you.
Eve Fallon: Oh, but I couldn't.
Richard Morey: Oh, but you could.
Eve Fallon: Oh, but I mustn't.
Richard Morey: Oh, but you must. And you will. How about some candy, too? Here you are. You like sweets?
[piling on the candy boxes]
Richard Morey: One more.
Eve Fallon: Please! I'll have to get a truck to carry all these things home.
Richard Morey: No, you won't. My car's right here at the door.
[to the sales clerk]
Richard Morey: Charge it, will you?
[fade to the back seat of Morey's limo]
Richard Morey: An apartment, French maid, your own car and chauffeur. Doesn't it sound good?
Eve Fallon: [deadpan] Mmmmm. Too good to be true.
Richard Morey: It... could be true.
Eve Fallon: [sardonically] And all I'd have to do is manicure your nails?
Eve Fallon: [getting up to leave] Here's my house.
Richard Morey: But Eve, haven't you forgotten something?
Eve Fallon: Yeah, my key, but I'll slip through the transom.
Richard Morey: But what about the candy and perfume?
Eve Fallon: Ah, give the candy to your chauffeur and use the perfume yourself.
[Eve slams the car door]

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Joan Bennett Facts
Daughters: Adrienne Ralston Fox (became Diana Markey) born 20 February 1928; Melinda Markey born 27 February 1934; Stephanie Wanger, born 26 June 1943; Shelley Wanger, born 4 July 1948.

Played Amy March in Little Women (1933) with Katharine Hepburn. She played Elizabeth Taylor's mother in Father of the Bride (1950). Taylor played Amy March in the remake: Little Women (1949).

Sister of actresses Barbara Bennett and Constance Bennett.

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