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Actress, Ina Balin, was born Ina Rosenberg on Nov 12, 1937 in a Rosenberg November 12, 1937 in Brooklyn. Balin died at the age of 52 on Jun 20, 1990 in New Haven, CT .



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Pilar Graile: Take care of yourself, Big Jake. We've sort of gotten used to you.

Paul Regret: Am I to believe that you weighed and appraised and then selected me out of all the men on this boat?
Pilar Graile: Do not be too conceited. It's not a very large boat.

Claudina, Otilia's Servant: Why are only the poor so devoted to God?
Otilia Ruiz: Someone had to pay attention to God. The rich are too busy.

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Ina Balin Facts
The cause of Ina's primary pulmonary hypertension, which resulted in her death, is unknown but suspected to be something she may have either breathed or ingested while in Vietnam. Many Vietnamese women who developed pulmonary hypertension may have gotten it from the herb fen-fen. The only help for Ina would have been a full heart/lung transplant; at age 52, she was too old to be placed on the list. Some reports list her as having had chronic lung disease but this is not so.

Ina was about 15 years old when she was hired to play the Virgin Mary in Perry Como's nativity scene on his Christmas TV show, which she did for a couple of years.

Has two stepbrothers, David Balin and Richard Rosenthal, and one stepsister Arline Kronengold. Richard was a top Wall Street executive until his death after crashing his private Beechcraft airplane. Flying from Syracuse, New York to Washington D.C., Richard was able to guide the malfunctioning plane into a sparsely-populated area that probably saved many people's lives. He was the only casualty. The Richard G. Rosenthal Jewish Community Center of Northern Westchester was created in his honor by the family.

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