James Dean Gallery


425 N. Main St.
Fairmount, IN  46928
Website: James Dean Gallery

The James Dean Memorial Gallery was established in 1988 in the actor's hometown of Fairmount, Indiana. The exhibit is the private collection of James Dean archivist David Loehr and features thousands of items of James Dean memorabilia.

About the James Dean Gallery : 425 N. Main St. Fairmount IN

The James Dean Gallery boasts an array of memorabilia and movie props, as well as a small gift shop. Incidentally, they also maintain a Facebook page. The Gallery is free of charge, although they do accept donations. Here, you can receive a map of James Dean points of interest around the area, including his church, the farmhouse in which he grew up, his high school, gravesite, and even directions to an all-denim portrait of Dean. Don't forget to pose with the life-sized James Dean statue!

James Dean Gallery Statue

James Dean Gallery

--Annette Bochenek for Classic Movie Hub
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James Dean Gallery: 425 N. Main St., Fairmount, IN 46928