Fairmount Historical Museum


203 E Washington St.
Fairmount, IN  46928
Website: Fairmount Historical Museum

The Fairmount Historical Museum houses artifacts related to the town plus many pieces related to, and once owned by, James Dean and his family.

About the Fairmount Historical Museum : 203 E Washington St. Fairmount IN

The Fairmount Historical Museum, which is free of charge, not only celebrates James Dean, but also cartoonist Jim Davis, creator of the "Garfield" comics. The people here are extremely knowledgeable about Dean, his friends, family, and just about anything you'd like to know. The historical society contains many of his personal effects, literally scooped off of his desk by family members just after his death. They also house his motorcycles. This location has James Dean's doodles on his homework, some of his written assignments, his junior high basketball uniform, personal pictures, his comb, conga drums, etc. Best of all, Dean's friends and cousins often frequent the historical society.

James Dean Fairmount Historical Museum

--Annette Bochenek for Classic Movie Hub
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Fairmount Historical Museum: 203 E Washington St., Fairmount, IN 46928