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6301 Quebec Drive
Hollywood, CA  
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The Dietrichson House is the house where Barbara Stanwyck's character lives in the film, Double Indemnity.

About the Double Indemnity House (Dietrichson House): 6301 Quebec Drive Hollywood CA

Exteriors of the Dietrichson house in the film were shot at a 3,200-square-foot (300 m2), Spanish Colonial Revival house built in 1927. The house can still be seen today and is located at 6301 Quebec Drive[39] in the Beachwood Canyon neighborhood of Los Angeles. The production team copied the interior of the house, including the spiral staircase, almost exactly on a soundstage at Paramount.[47]

Other locations around Los Angeles used in the film were an apartment building at 1825 N. Kingsley Drive in Hollywood where Walter Neff lived and the building on the southwest corner of Hollywood Blvd. and Western. That building still stands, but the Newman Drug Store originally on the ground floor is no longer there.[49]

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Double Indemnity House: 6301 Quebec Drive, Hollywood, CA