Matches in people

Chester Morris Chester Morris Born on Feb 16, 1901 in New York City (NY), died Sep 11, 1970 in New Hope (Pennsylvania)

Mary Morris Mary Morris Born on Dec 13, 1915 in Lautoka (Fiji Islands), died Oct 14, 1988 in Aigle (Switzerland)

Howard Morris Howard Morris Born on Sep 4, 1919 in New York City (NY), died May 21, 2005 in Los Angeles (CA)

Adrian Morris Adrian Morris Born on Jan 12, 1907 in Mount Vernon (NY), died Nov 30, 1941 in Los Angeles (CA)

Morris Ankrum Morris Ankrum Born on Aug 28, 1897 in Danville (IL), died Sep 2, 1964 in Pasadena (CA)

Morris Carnovsky Morris Carnovsky Born on Sep 5, 1897 in St. Louis (MO), died Sep 1, 1992 in Easton (CT)

Matches in movies

Just William Just William (1940)

Morris's disappearing bag Morris's disappearing bag

Just William's Luck Just William's Luck (1948)

The Greed of William Hart The Greed of William Hart (1948)

William Comes to Town William Comes to Town