Matches in people

Vincent Price Vincent Price Born on May 27, 1911 in St. Louis (MO), died Oct 25, 1993 in Los Angeles (CA)

Fran Jeffries Fran Jeffries Born on May 18, 1937 in San Jose (CA), died Dec 15, 2016 in Los Angeles (CA)

Virginia Vincent Virginia Vincent Born on May 3, 1924 in Goshen (NY)

Paul Bern Paul Bern Born on Dec 3, 1889 in Wandsbek (Germany), died Sep 5, 1932 in Beverly Hills (CA)

Paul Panzer Paul Panzer Born on Nov 3, 1872 in Würzburg (Germany), died Aug 16, 1958 in Hollywood (CA)

Paul Leni Paul Leni Born on Jul 8, 1885 in Stuttgart (Germany), died Sep 2, 1929 in Los Angeles (CA)

Matches in movies

Peter and Paul Peter and Paul (1981)

Send for Paul Temple Send for Paul Temple (1946)

Paul Temple's Triumph Paul Temple's Triumph (1950)

Paul Temple Returns Paul Temple Returns (1952)

John Paul Jones John Paul Jones (1959)

Good Night, Paul Good Night, Paul (1918)