Matches in people

Vivien Merchant Vivien Merchant Born on Jul 22, 1929 in Manchester (England), died Oct 3, 1982 in London (England)

Elissa Landi Elissa Landi Born on Dec 6, 1904 in Venice (Italy), died Oct 21, 1948 in Kingston (NY)

Irene Hervey Irene Hervey Born on Jul 11, 1909 in Venice (CA), died Dec 20, 1998 in Woodland Hills (CA)

Claire Anderson Claire Anderson Born on May 8, 1895 in Detroit (MI), died Mar 23, 1964 in Venice (CA)

George W. Hill George W. Hill Born on Apr 25, 1895 in Douglass (KS), died Aug 10, 1934 in Venice (CA)

Brian Aherne Brian Aherne Born on May 2, 1902 in King's Norton (England), died Feb 10, 1986 in Venice (FL)

Matches in movies

The Venice Project The Venice Project (1999)

Nosferatu in Venice Nosferatu in Venice (1988)

Death in Venice Death in Venice (1971)

Kid Auto Races at Venice Kid Auto Races at Venice (1914)