Matches in people

B.P. Schulberg B.P. Schulberg Born on Jan 19, 1892 in Bridgeport (CT), died Feb 25, 1957 in Key Biscayne (FL)

Stuart Rosenberg Stuart Rosenberg Born on Aug 11, 1927 in Brooklyn (New York), died Mar 15, 2007 in Beverly Hills (CA)

Stuart Walker Stuart Walker Born on Mar 4, 1888 in Augusta (Kentucky), died Mar 13, 1941 in Beverly Hills (CA)

J. Stuart Blackton J. Stuart Blackton Born on Jan 5, 1875 in Sheffield (Yorkshire), died Aug 13, 1941 in unknown (CA)

Stuart Burge Stuart Burge Born on Jan 15, 1918 in Brentwood (Essex), died Jan 24, 2002 in Lymington (England)

Stuart Erwin Stuart Erwin Born on Feb 14, 1903 in Squaw Valley (CA), died Dec 21, 1967 in Beverly Hills (CA)

Matches in movies

The True Story of Lynn Stuart The True Story of Lynn Stuart (1958)