Matches in people

Shemp Howard Shemp Howard Born on Mar 11, 1895 in Brooklyn (NY), died Nov 22, 1955 in Hollywood (CA)

Howard Caine Howard Caine Born on Jan 2, 1928 in Nashville (TN), died Dec 28, 1993 in North Hollywood (CA)

Howard Da Silva Howard Da Silva Born on May 4, 1909 in Cleveland (OH), died Feb 16, 1986 in Ossining (NY)

Ron Howard Ron Howard Born on Mar 1, 1954 in Duncan (OK)

Howard W. Koch Howard W. Koch Born on Apr 11, 1916 in New York City (NY), died Feb 16, 2001 in Los Angeles (CA)

Kathleen Howard Kathleen Howard Born on Jul 27, 1884 in Clifton (Canada), died Apr 15, 1956 in Hollywood (CA)

Matches in movies

The Great Buck Howard The Great Buck Howard (2008)