Matches in people

Babe Ruth Babe Ruth Born on Feb 6, 1895 in Baltimore (MD), died Aug 16, 1948 in New York City (NY)

Roy Del Ruth Roy Del Ruth Born on Oct 18, 1893 in Delaware (USA), died Apr 27, 1961 in Sherman Oaks (CA)

Ruth Gordon Ruth Gordon Born on Oct 30, 1896 in Quincy (MA), died Aug 28, 1985 in Edgartown (MA)

Ruth Hussey Ruth Hussey Born on Oct 30, 1911 in Providence (RI), died Apr 19, 2005 in Newbury Park (CA)

Edgar Selwyn Edgar Selwyn Born on Oct 20, 1875 in Cincinnati (OH), died Feb 13, 1944 in Los Angeles (CA)

Patsy Ruth Miller Patsy Ruth Miller Born on Jan 17, 1904 in St. Louis (MO), died Jul 16, 1995 in Palm Desert (CA)

Matches in movies

Along Came Ruth Along Came Ruth (1924)

The Story of Ruth The Story of Ruth (1960)

Dear Ruth Dear Ruth (1947)

Life for Ruth Life for Ruth (1962)

The Adventures of Ruth The Adventures of Ruth (1919)

Ruth of the Rockies Ruth of the Rockies (1920)