Matches in people

Will Rogers Will Rogers Born on Nov 4, 1879 in Oologah (OK), died Aug 15, 1935 in near Point Barrow (AK)

Charley Rogers Charley Rogers Born on Jan 15, 1887 in Birmingham (UK), died Dec 20, 1956 in Los Angeles (CA)

Kasey Rogers Kasey Rogers Born on Dec 15, 1925 in Morehouse (MO), died Jul 6, 2006 in Los Angeles (CA)

Charles R. Rogers Charles R. Rogers Born on Jul 15, 1892 in New York City (NY), died Mar 29, 1957 in Hollywood (CA)

Rachel Roberts Rachel Roberts Born on Sep 20, 1927 in Llanelli (Carmarthenshire), died Nov 26, 1980 in Los Angeles (CA)

Rachel Kempson Rachel Kempson Born on May 28, 1910 in Dartmouth (England), died May 24, 2003 in Millbrook (NY)

Matches in movies

Rachel, Rachel Rachel, Rachel (1968)

Rachel's Man Rachel's Man (1977)

Buck Rogers Buck Rogers (1939)

My Cousin Rachel My Cousin Rachel (1952)

The Story of Will Rogers The Story of Will Rogers (1952)

Rachel and the Stranger Rachel and the Stranger (1948)