Matches in people

Mary Treen Mary Treen Born on Mar 27, 1907 in St. Louis (MO), died Jul 20, 1989 in Newport Beach (CA)

Mary Gordon Mary Gordon Born on May 16, 1882 in Glasgow (Scotland), died Aug 23, 1963 in Pasadena (CA)

Mary Ure Mary Ure Born on Feb 18, 1933 in Glasgow (Scotland), died Apr 3, 1975 in London (England)

Mary Nash Mary Nash Born on Aug 15, 1884 in Troy (NY), died Dec 3, 1976 in Los Angeles (CA)

Mary MacLaren Mary MacLaren Born on Jan 19, 1896 in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), died Nov 9, 1985 in Hollywood (CA)

Mary Wickes Mary Wickes Born on Jun 13, 1910 in St. Louis (MO), died Oct 22, 1995 in Los Angeles (CA)

Matches in movies

Mary, Queen of Tots Mary, Queen of Tots (1925)

Mary, Queen of Scots Mary, Queen of Scots (1971)

Mary, Mary Mary, Mary (1963)

Mary Lou Mary Lou (1948)

Mary Mary (1931)

Merely Mary Ann Merely Mary Ann (1931)