Matches in people

Pearl White Pearl White Born on Mar 4, 1889 in Green Ridge (MO), died Aug 4, 1938 in Neuilly-sur-Seine (France)

Pearl Bailey Pearl Bailey Born on Mar 29, 1918 in Newport News (VA), died Aug 17, 1990 in Philadelphia (PA)

Beverly Bayne Beverly Bayne Born on Nov 11, 1894 in Minneapolis (MN), died Aug 18, 1982 in Scottsdale (AZ)

Buck Jones Buck Jones Born on Dec 12, 1891 in Vincennes (IN), died Nov 30, 1942 in Boston (MA)

Matches in movies

The Pearl of Death The Pearl of Death (1944)

Buck Rogers Buck Rogers (1939)

Buck Privates Buck Privates (1941)

Remember Pearl Harbor Remember Pearl Harbor (1942)

Pearl of the South Pacific Pearl of the South Pacific (1955)

Buck Benny Rides Again Buck Benny Rides Again (1940)