Matches in people

Cammie King Conlon Cammie King Conlon Born on Aug 5, 1934 in Los Angeles (CA), died Sep 1, 2010 in Fort Bragg (CA)

Nancy Kovack Nancy Kovack Born on Mar 11, 1935 in Flint (MI)

Charles King Charles King Born on Feb 21, 1895 in Hillsboro (TX), died May 7, 1957 in Hollywood (CA)

Henry King Henry King Born on Jan 24, 1886 in Christiansburg (VA), died Jun 29, 1982 in Toluca Lake (CA)

Louise Beavers Louise Beavers Born on Mar 8, 1902 in Cincinnati (OH), died Oct 26, 1962 in Hollywood (CA)

Nancy Kulp Nancy Kulp Born on Aug 28, 1921 in Harrisburg (Pennsylvania), died Feb 3, 1991 in Palm Desert (CA)

Matches in movies

Louise Louise (1939)

Nancy Goes to Rio Nancy Goes to Rio (1950)

Madame Louise Madame Louise (1951)

Three Loves Has Nancy Three Loves Has Nancy (1938)

Nancy Drew... Reporter Nancy Drew... Reporter (1939)

Nancy Drew -- Detective Nancy Drew -- Detective (1938)