Matches in people

Maurice Ronet Maurice Ronet Born on Apr 13, 1927 in Nice (Alpes-Maritimes), died Mar 14, 1983 in Paris (France)

Maurice Cass Maurice Cass Born on Oct 12, 1884 in Vilnius (Russian Empire [now Lithuania]), died Jun 8, 1954 in Hollywood (CA)

Maurice Revnes Maurice Revnes Born on Sep 28, 1890 in New York City (NY), died Oct 0, 1985 in unknown (FL)

Maurice Evans Maurice Evans Born on Jun 3, 1901 in Dorchester (England), died Mar 12, 1989 in Rottingdean (England)

Maurice Chevalier Maurice Chevalier Born on Sep 12, 1888 in Paris (France), died Jan 1, 1972 in Paris (France)

Maurice Black Maurice Black Born on Jan 14, 1891 in Queens (NY), died Jan 18, 1938 in Hollywood (CA)

Matches in movies

X Marks the Spot X Marks the Spot (1942)

Berth Marks Berth Marks (1929)