Matches in people

Marion Martin Marion Martin Born on Jun 7, 1908 in Philadelphia (PA), died Aug 13, 1985 in Santa Monica (CA)

Marion Shilling Marion Shilling Born on Dec 3, 1910 in Denver (CO), died Nov 6, 2004 in Torrance (CA)

Marion Mack Marion Mack Born on Apr 8, 1902 in Mammoth (UT), died May 1, 1989 in Costa Mesa (CA)

Marion Lorne Marion Lorne Born on Aug 12, 1883 in West Pittston (PA), died May 9, 1968 in New York City (NY)

Marion Gering Marion Gering Born on Jun 9, 1901 in Rostov-on-Don (Russia), died Apr 19, 1977 in New York City (NY)

Marion Davies Marion Davies Born on Jan 3, 1897 in Brooklyn (NY), died Sep 22, 1961 in Hollywood (CA)

Matches in movies

Lady Marion's Summer Flirtation Lady Marion's Summer Flirtation (1913)

The Sunshine Boys The Sunshine Boys (1975)

Blue Sunshine Blue Sunshine (1978)

Sunshine and Gold Sunshine and Gold (1917)

Shadows and Sunshine Shadows and Sunshine (1916)

Little Mary Sunshine Little Mary Sunshine (1916)