Matches in people

Adele Jergens Adele Jergens Born on Nov 26, 1917 in Brooklyn (NY), died Nov 22, 2002 in Camarillo (CA)

Marie Blake Marie Blake Born on Aug 21, 1895 in Philadelphia (PA), died Jan 14, 1978 in Los Angeles (CA)

Marie Windsor Marie Windsor Born on Dec 11, 1919 in Marysvale (UT), died Dec 10, 2000 in Beverly Hills (CA)

Adele Mara Adele Mara Born on Apr 28, 1923 in Highland Park (MI), died May 7, 2010 in Pacific Palisades (CA)

Marie Dressler Marie Dressler Born on Nov 9, 1868 in Cobourg (Canada), died Jul 28, 1934 in Santa Barbara (CA)

Muriel Evans Muriel Evans Born on Jul 20, 1910 in Minneapolis (MN), died Oct 26, 2000 in Woodland Hills (CA)

Matches in movies

Little Marie Little Marie (1915)

Marie and Bruce Marie and Bruce (2005)

Marie Antoinette Marie Antoinette (1938)

Marie-Octobre Marie-Octobre (1959)

Marie Galante Marie Galante (1934)

Rose-Marie Rose-Marie (1928)