Matches in people

Mack Swain Mack Swain Born on Feb 16, 1876 in Salt Lake City (UT), died Aug 25, 1935 in Tacoma (WA)

Johnny Mack Brown Johnny Mack Brown Born on Sep 1, 1904 in Dothan (AL), died Nov 14, 1974 in Woodland Hills (Los Angeles)

Gordon Scott Gordon Scott Born on Aug 3, 1926 in Portland (OR), died Apr 30, 2007 in Baltimore (MD)

Michael Gordon Michael Gordon Born on Sep 6, 1909 in Baltimore (MD), died Apr 23, 1993 in Century City (CA)

Ruth Gordon Ruth Gordon Born on Oct 30, 1896 in Quincy (MA), died Aug 28, 1985 in Edgartown (MA)

Colin Gordon Colin Gordon Born on Apr 27, 1911 in Ceylon ([now Sri Lanka]), died Oct 4, 1972 in Haslemere (England)

Matches in movies

Mack at It Again Mack at It Again (1914)

Flash Gordon Flash Gordon (1980)

Gordon of Ghost City Gordon of Ghost City (1933)

Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars (1938)

Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe (1940)

Will: G. Gordon Liddy Will: G. Gordon Liddy