Matches in people

Victor Lyndon Victor Lyndon Born on Dec 19, 1918 in London (England), died Sep 0, 1996 in Surrey (England)

Arte Johnson Arte Johnson Born on Jan 20, 1929 in Benton Harbor (MI)

Van Johnson Van Johnson Born on Aug 25, 1916 in Newport (RI), died Dec 12, 2008 in Nyack (NY)

Ben Johnson Ben Johnson Born on Jun 13, 1918 in Foraker (OK), died Apr 9, 1996 in Mesa (AZ)

Russell Johnson Russell Johnson Born on Nov 10, 1924 in Ashley (PA), died Jan 16, 2014 in Bainbridge Island (WA)

Nunnally Johnson Nunnally Johnson Born on Dec 5, 1897 in Columbus (GA), died Mar 25, 1977 in Hollywood (CA)

Matches in movies

Too Much Johnson Too Much Johnson (1938)

Jeremiah Johnson Jeremiah Johnson (1972)

Tennessee Johnson Tennessee Johnson (1942)

Blondie Johnson Blondie Johnson (1933)

Invasion of Johnson County Invasion of Johnson County (1976)

The Disappearance of Kevin Johnson The Disappearance of Kevin Johnson